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About My Gold Award

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Hi! My name is Evelyn Taliaferro and I created this website for my Gold Award Project.

A Gold Award is the highest award that can be earned in Girl Scouting, involving an 80+ hour community service project.

As someone who is committed to studying engineering at Princeton University this fall, I am passionate about encouraging girls to learn about this exciting field. My Gold Award project aims to educate young girls about the different branches of engineering and engage them through fun DIY projects!

Project Overview


I built a website that gave information about each branch of engineering along with potential careers that fall under that branch, interviews with female engineers, and detailed craft tutorials.


I organized engineering workshops with local organizations ForKids and the YMCA where I taught elementary schoolers about engineering and then guided them through several STEM activities.

Craft Kits

I partnered with a local school to create a STEM curriculum and I provided them with a supply box of all the materials needed to do my engineering crafts with their students.

Measurable Impact

Before and after each workshop, I administered a survey measuring participants' interest in and knowledge about the different branches of engineering. I know that my project accomplished its goals because:

Students’ interest in engineering increased by 17% on average after attending a workshop

Students' average score on an engineering knowledge quiz increased from a 59% to a 73%

Photo Gallery

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